Sherwood Diary: Eucla to Diesel RA

Tuesday 30th May, 2023

Warm and sunny yesterday afternoon

I was a bit bemused by the time changes (45 mins and 1.5 hrs) and different times for sunset and sunrise. So, I’m not sure what time we left Eucla. We stopped at Mundrabilla Road House for a bacon and egg roll and hot drinks. Much later in the day we had a proper lunch break, yet still managed to arrive in good time at our rest area. It was perfect, one other camper and we were able to find a spot out of sight. We had an excellent signal for the Dishy and it was up and running quickly. Stephen has taken charge of the very long cable which I found impossible to keep from getting hopelessly tangled. It is now neatly coiled and he has become the cable person for setting up and taking down.

The rest area was named for a beloved family dog who died unexpectedly when the parents were camped at this site. They had a hard time digging a grave in the stony soil. The RA was renamed for him and there is a marker for his grave. Actually, there are two, one looking quite neglected and another with a freshly painted cross and neatly piled stones. We know the backstory as it was on Wikicamps.

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