First day of exploring in Prague

Our apartment block in Brandys
Our apartment building in Brandys


We didn’t actually set out to do more than try out the bus/train connections and wander around a bit to see if we could work out where things were. We walked to the town square to catch our bus. Stephen approached a couple to ask about buses to Prague and the man spoke a little German, so we were able to get some help. They also helped us with getting our ticket on the Metro.

The city is different in winter with the Christmas markets in full swing. We went to the Staromestske Namesti market and walked around that area.

Prague Christmas market jazz
Jazz at the Christmas Market

We had a modest sort of lunch and coffees and a shared strudel later. The coffees were excellent, the strudel not too sweet, but not wonderful.

Looking above the market stalls in Prague
The towers in the square
View across the river in Prague
View across the river, Prague
Prague Christmas market magic
Prague Christmas Market magic
Prague night view
Prague view at night

We became very tired and wandering around can be exasperating, but it’s the only way to get oriented to a new city. We had a bit of difficulty finding the bus stand for coming home, but a couple of people helped us out.

We had some leftovers with pasta, and a small slice of David’s cake with yogurt, honey and banana.

We’ve decided that we need a plan for the next four weeks. Stephen wants to go to a couple of shows at theatres we haven’t been to before. I’ve suggested we drive into the city and stay for a couple of nights. The long journey home after dark, even if we take the car as far as the Metro, is not appealing.

The bright side is that bus and train fares are cheap, especially after England. Having food and coffees when we are out is also much cheaper.

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