Podebrady Town Square
Artwork/Graffiti on a building in Podebrady
We want to get more practice with driving and are visiting one of the towns recommended by George. It’s a wet day, not great for walking. We found a bakery with rolls, coffee, hot chocolate and cakes, the ideal retreat on a wet day. I am able to see the square and the bridge we came over when driving into the town. We are parked down near the river.

Driving is still rather challenging for us. I’ve downloaded Tomtom for Eastern Europe, which provides our navigation. We don’t really know the road rules, but the app does give speed limits, confirmed by signs whenever we go through a village. Going back to a manual car is proving a little more difficult than we thought, considering we drove manual cars for years and years before going over to automatic. Maybe it is more difficult because of the change to driving on the right. Stephen has done both in recent years when we have been travelling (driven on the right and a manual vehicle), but this is a first for me in recent years.

We had some sunshine for a few minutes this morning and found that it shines directly into the apartment – wonderful for winter living. When it happens.

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