Sherwood Diary: we’ve reached the Nullarbor Plain and crossed the border, home again!

The Bunda Cliffs

It wasn’t windy yesterday and that is so rare that I took the drone up to show our campsite at Head of Bight. When it landed I noticed a bit of fluff near the camera and it has affected the video. Fluff on a drone, what next.

We had a good day of driving, stopping to enjoy views of the cliffs. Where we stopped for lunch was also a viewing point, but shortly along the road was a large, muddy hole, taking up most of the road. So, we had a more boring lunch in a parking area on the highway. Still, it was amusing to watch other vehicles come in and balk at the hole, then back off. Until one went through on one side of the hole, followed by another.

At the border the quarantine officer said she didn’t want to go in our van because they had had so many COVID positive people coming through. She asked lots of questions and told us about a smart arse who said ‘what if I’m hiding stuff in the van’. She handed him a camera and made him film in every cupboard in the van. Message: don’t give the officers a hard time or they’ll give you a hard time.

Before setting up camp we went down to the Old Telegraph station for a bit of a walk. It was abandoned due to sand dunes encroaching on it, but the stonework is still there. We thought of walking down to the beach, but a family coming back from that walk told us it was a lot further than Google Maps said. It was also tough going in soft sand.

We’ve camped on a flat between a couple of small trees, avoiding the stress of trying to get a spot with the best view and having to use levellers. So easy.

We did our best to finish the honey, but had to toss about half.
The view from near the Telegraph station
Mostly eaten by sand

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