Sherwood Diary: a ‘services’ day, followed by a long driving day

At the caravan park. The same price here as at Penong, despite being more luxurious.
At Head of Bight. Free, with no facilities, but fresh air, beautiful moon and stars and not too many other campers.

On Saturday we had shopping to do for the Nullarbor section of our trip, ‘Nullarbor’ means no supermarkets, I think🙃 and we had two bags of washing to be done. We haven’t been to the Streaky Bay Islands Caravan Park for a few years, so we decided to visit and see if it was as good as we remembered. It is, even better because the plants that were new and very tiny have grown so much. The beautiful location and the convenience of ensuite style showers/toilets make it very special.

It rained off and on all afternoon. Other people had clothes on the line outside, so I put a few shirts out and they semi dried and then were soaked, so gave up and put everything through dryers. But, the main thing was that everything got done and it’s probably the last washing day of the trip.

We didn’t get away early this morning, leaving at about 10:00, but having set a goal of driving 400kms today to make up for only 51kms yesterday we found we had the energy for it. We shared the driving and bought food at roadhouses to save time. We got here before sunset, of course, sunset is a little later now that we have come so far west.

We are a bit tired, but not desperately so. We find listening to ABC podcasts helps to make the time seem to go faster when driving.

We’ve had a good chat with Matt this evening. His eye socket is less bruised, but he still has tape on the cut. As usual he is in good spirits. They haven’t got back to us with the full story. I’m suspecting that he was hit with the metal arm of the hoist, and it’s an accident, so it’s surprising the staff involved haven’t owned up. Sometimes things happen so quickly you can’t stop them.

We are spending tonight at the parking area outside of the entry gate to Head of Bight. We have only 200kms to go before the border and are making sure we finish all of our fresh fruit and vegetables. We won’t be able to finish all the honey unfortunately even if we have been imitating Pooh Bear and eating some a most meals. By the time we cross the border we will as portly as him anyway.

Well, we don’t quite eat it in handfuls, but we are tempted as it’s such good honey.

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  1. go well with long leg(s) home…good to hear Matt’s OK…I’m off to buy a small clothes rack… unless you find another one spare in your travels… good idea for my terrace.

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