Sydney Day 37

Saturday 27th April, 2019

I’ve just done a count of the days we have been travelling and now think that today is the 37th day. It only matters to me, I 🤔.

We are still having our morning cuppa and don’t know what we will do today.

Turns out we went to the Museum, where lots of parents had brought their children. Stephen persevered with going through the different levels, whilst I went to Starbucks for peace and quiet.

Later, we walked to St Mary’s Cathedral and admired the weddings taking place, then walked across the Domaine to Martin’s Place. There is a walkway through the old hospital.

We caught lots of trains, as well as our train link buses, and got groceries at the Woolies in Chatswood before coming home. We have confirmed that this shop is open until midnight and we don’t need to buy a lot of food, just small amounts as we need things. We are planning a slow cooked meal in our pressure cooker. We feel too tired to cook a fast meal tonight.

Stephen is feeling particularly tired tonight, rather like me last night.

Victoria Building Basement – after we came off the undergrouind

Town Hall

War Memorial and reflection pool, rather overshadowed by the building behind. Bad planning.

The Domain

Sydney Hospital

Sydney Hospital
Martin’s Place
Martin’s Place
from Anzac Day
We were in a quiet carriage. We caught our first train at Martin’s Place, then had another change before being on our train back to Chatswood.

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