I went for a walk in the nearby park yesterday evening while the light was still good. The photos I took don’t show how pleasant it was in the fresh cool air, with lots of bird sounds. Jarrah forrest all tends to look the same. I took a few photos. The featured image is of the sign for the park, not a national park but a regional park.

Mum and I enjoyed the Rod Evans special meals I had brought with me. We both found that we couldn’t eat the whole meal, even though they were very tasty. They took a long time to defrost, so I made sure Mum’s meal for tonight was out of the fridge around lunchtime when I left. Not standard, as it should stay in the fridge. But our experience last night was that it took ages for them to defrost.

This morning we had lots of visitors. There was Cheryl, the agent and friend of the family. She is to be the marriage celebrant for Bec and Grant’s wedding at the end of the month. Other agents and the ‘boss’ of the real estate agency also turned up, along with the photographer. We had to put lots of things away so that he could take beautiful photos to show off the house. I have a sense of faith that the house will sell, given all the focus shown. However, they have lots of homes on the market, and it is a matter of finding the right buyer.

Mum coped well as she was moved from one space to another outside as well. Melissa came with the children, but took Jax home when he became tired and a bit grumpy. Still, he was happy for a couple of hours. Alyssa was perfect, of course, she is quite ladylike now she is older, she seems confident and doesn’t seek attention and thereby attracts adults to interact with her in a positive way. Just the way I would imagine Melissa’s daughter to be!

I arrived home at about 1.30 p.m. I had stopped off to get bread at the Mundaring Bakery on the way. Stephen did some shopping as well, so we are well stocked up.

There have been a few emails about choir matters to sort out. We have a few things on at the moment and our newish choir director is back from the East for a little while and will be catching up with us tonight.

Just a couple more photos:

with flare (1 of 1)
Nikon D7200 and 16-85mm lens. I hadn’t realised I would end up with flares, but they add a bit of interest to an otherwise boring shot.
Autumn Flowers (1 of 1)
Autumn bush flowers
25 (1 of 1)

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