Tuesday and Wednesday

Yesterday I worked in the morning at a house where I haven’t been since before we went overseas. It was interesting to meet up with people again. We were busy, but not absolutely flat out. Once resident was in hospital.

I came home to lunch, Stephen cooked us a meat and vegetable meal, then we rested until it was time to go to an ACS (Australian Computer Society) event. Presenters has 15 seconds per slide and about 5 minutes each. They all managed to do interesting presentations.

Afterwards we wanted real food, not the admittedly lovely light spread on offer. We walked up to have a look at the new Perth library, the only new public building in Perth for 40 years, according to the City of Perth website. It certainly looks lovely, but was closed, of course. We then caught the bus back to our normal stop near home and went to one of our local restaurants for a pleasant little meal. The staff were very friendly, which made it a good experience. The food was very nice as well, of course.

This morning I set off for my visit with Mum with the firm intention of remaining calm, no matter what. Mum was pleased to see me and spoke about how muddled she is feeling at the moment. In fact, the visit is going very well. I bought some meals from the Rod Evans Senior Citizens Centre, frozen versions of the lovely meals Stephen and I enjoy. We had a soup each for lunch, then shared a desert, and we plan to have a main course each tonight.

Cheryl who is the real estate agent selling Mum’s house, called in to remind her about the photographer coming tomorrow.

Mum and I went over to visit Tracy and take a walk though the house. Mum practised using the new handrails for the stairs, and she seemed to do quite well. She may need reminding not to use the outer railing.

I had a look at the new stove top. It does seem almost impossible to get them with knobs unless you go for gas. Tracy may have to show Mum a few times how to use it. I’m finding that Mum does not remember things, like our plans for dinner, but this is quite a minor problem when someone is there.

Petition Kitchen
The law buildings are in the same area. I liked the name of this little bar ‘Petition Kitchen’.

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