Sherwood Update: to Ken Peachey Caravan Repairs

We picked up the Sherwood from storage on Thursday. We had to prop it to allow rain water to roll off the roof to prevent it leaking through.

This morning we dropped her off for a long list of repairs/changes. We are hoping they can replace the electric step, which is playing up again, with a manual step. They will fix the roof leak, of course. They will fix the powerpoint near the stove, which stopped working on our trip and replace with a double adapter. This comes off the inverter and can be used for our Starlink as well as our low wattage electrical applicances. They will install the boat bung to allow the cable from the dish to enter the van, rather than having it come through the window. The flywire in the bathroom hatch is loose and they will repair or replace it.

As well, we’ve asked them to measure up the space for a 12v fridge to replace the present 3 way fridge. Since we camp off grid it’s very annoying to have to light the gas whenever we stop. It also leaks water onto the floor and sometimes into a nearby cupboard. We’ve had 12v fridges before and they just work quietly in the background without issues.

We don’t really need to have it back for about 7 weeks, which means we are not in a hurry for them to finish, though I do miss having it in our driveway.

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