Sherwood Diary: New fridge

So, we’re having a bit of a difficult time. On the Monday after we returned from Beverley I really thought I was getting better. But then, it seemed to freshen up. Plus Stephen has caught it now and he’s had a week mostly in bed, apart from getting up to watch the football, of course.

We dropped the Sherwood off on Monday morning to have it’s new fridge installed. This is a 12/230v fridge instead of the 3 way fridge. What are the advantages? Not having to worry about running out of gas overnight and waking up to a warm fridge. I’m delighted to find the new fridge runs much cooler and we will be able to use the pull out pantry next to it for storing food. Previously that spot was far too hot. Running on 12v means not having to light the gas when we stop on the road for a couple of hours. Sometimes it’s quite a struggle to get it going. The fridge looks smaller than the 3 way fridge, but actually has more internal capacity. It has a light that comes on when you open the door. Anyway, from our point of view it’s much more convenient.

I was surprised to get a call on Wednesday morning to say it was ready as they are very busy indeed. As Stephen was pretty unwell I caught an Uber over there to pick it up. Today I finished putting everything back so that we don’t have such a big packing up when we want to go away. Our first planned trip is the Dunsborough Songfest in mid November. The following weekend we have the Folk in the Forest weekend in Dwellingup. Plenty of time for us to get well!

Stephen is having to miss rehearsals for Ruddigore. He’s not too worried about the singing as he won’t be doing any solos and can muddle through. However, he does have some dialogue sections that do need to be rehearsed, so he is hoping to get back soon.

Local Uber trips work out well, it’s relatively cheap even with a $5 tip, working out to a total of $17.50. Sometimes it’s just so convenient.

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