Tag: 35mm 2.8 FE lens

  • Portrait of Stephen

    I was fiddling around with a photo I took of Stephen at the restaurant Monday night, and finally found a ‘look’ I was happy with. We had a very windy night last night, with gusts that were almost scary given that we are quite high here and it was slamming against the windows. Today is […]

  • Another photo of Stephen

    This was taken just after sunset at Perth’s iconic Cottesloe Beach, with Indiana’s Restaurant in the background. Although I was a little disappointed in not getting this shot before sunset, I still really like how well my subject stands out from the background, which is nevertheless clear enough for folk who live here to recognise. […]

  • susanhastings812’s photostream

    susanhastings812’s photostream on Flickr. This links to all of the photos from our stay in San Francisco. The photos chosen tend to be those that I feel are important for showing what our holiday has been like, rather than just the ones I think are my best photography. The great majority of the San Francisco […]