Another photo of Stephen

This was taken just after sunset at Perth’s iconic Cottesloe Beach, with Indiana’s Restaurant in the background. Although I was a little disappointed in not getting this shot before sunset, I still really like how well my subject stands out from the background, which is nevertheless clear enough for folk who live here to recognise. I added the vignette in Lightroom as I didn’t care for the plain look of the sky.

I took it to Gerry Gibbs Camerahouse today for printing. Bill, the man who handles all things with regard to printing,  helped with suggesting sizes and getting rid of a couple of distracting bright lights in the background. You can see the reflection of one of the removed lights just off the beach on the waves. We decided that the light could be coming from anywhere and we wouldn’t try to change it. GBCH have a new process of printing on thin metal sheeting and have examples in their showroom showing just how attractive it looks. It is apparently pretty indestructible and prints can be hung outside, in bathrooms, or used as a splash back in the kitchen. Just wipe over to clean!Image For this portrait I chose a matt finish, and for another one from Yosemite have chosen a gloss finish. I’m really looking forward to picking them up at the end of the week to see how they have turned out.

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