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  • The Winnie at home

    Our neighbours left for a two week holiday on Thursday. We already had the Winnie booked in to try to find out why our fridge emits an odour when we are using it on gas, so we picked it up on Tuesday evening, stored it on the vacant lot nearby during the day, then in […]

  • The Weekend

    The Weekend

    I had arranged with Mum that I would pick her up early on Saturday morning and take her down to Mundaring for a blood test. When I rang her at about 6.55 a.m. she did not answer the phone. I continued to try to call her until about 7.20 a.m., then decided just to drive […]

  • Leaving Bath

    Leaving Bath

    Yesterday morning was sunny and partly cloudy, not very cold. We had a bus to catch at 12.45 p.m. and had a leisurely morning, packing up our things, having our usual full breakfast at the YHA, and then heading out for a walk in the town. We left the case at the hostel and Stephen […]

  • In the footsteps of Bill Bryson

    In the footsteps of Bill Bryson

    Today we visited Avebury, site of one of the English henges. It is quite impressive. The standing stones are mostly the result of excavation and setting in place again. We were prompted to visit by what Bill Bryson wrote in The Road to Little Dribbling although we didn’t feel, as he did, that the National Trust information […]

  • Beautiful

    We had an enjoyable afternoon yesterday, catching the train to Victoria Station, then a bus through the city to the Aldwych Theatre to see ‘Beautiful – The Carole King Musical’. When we went to a London theatre a few weeks ago there were no security checks. This time, there was a fairly careful check of […]

  • Friday – Oxford Day 5 – Leaving

    After our meal Thursday night we arrived at the house later than usual. No-one was home and as I put the key in the lock and turned it, the key broke off. We contact Matt and he got back to us quickly. He wasn’t far away, and came home and let us in through the […]

  • Wednesday – Oxford Day 3

    Here are a few more photos from yesterday. The only processing is to resize them for posting here. They were taken in the evening before we caught the bus back to Oxford. The third photo below is my favourite of the day.       

  • Croydon Minster

    Croydon Minster

    Today we went out to pick up a new remote for the Apple TV and to see Croydon Minster. It is impressive, especially for what is basically a parish church. It was destroyed in a fire and rebuilt using some of the older features rescued from the rubble, but basically restored as it was. We […]