Friday – Oxford Day 5 – Leaving

After our meal Thursday night we arrived at the house later than usual. No-one was home and as I put the key in the lock and turned it, the key broke off. We contact Matt and he got back to us quickly. He wasn’t far away, and came home and let us in through the garage. Not too much drama. His housemate was able to extract the key stub from the lock.

In the morning we said our goodbyes and thank you to Matt. He gave us a couple of jars, one of chutney and one of the nice berry jam, the same as we had been enjoying for the four mornings we had stayed with him.

We took our cases to the Tourist Information and paid 12 pounds for them to look after them for the day. Then Stephen went off to the Ashmolean again and I went to a cafe. We had lunch together, then wandered down to Balliol College for a look around. We had afternoon tea there, which included two normal sized biscuits each, but the tea was a bit weak. Stephen went to the Museum of Science and I went to Weston Library, across the road, and part of the Bodleian Library, but in a modern building.

Then it was time to catch a bus back to London. It took quite a bit longer than the trip down as there was rush hour traffic and the bus was also pretty much full up by the time we left the Oxford area. We even caught the tram one stop to get us closer to our apartment block. We were very tired, of course, but it we had such a lovely time in Oxford that it seemed quite worth it.

We have now been away about 3 weeks, and it seems longer.

Balliol College
Balliol College
Autumn colours at Balliol
Garden at Balliol
Chapel at Balliol
Bodleian Library Reading Room
Weston Library – opposite the Reading Room
Red Leaves, Balliol College
The Great Hall, Balliol College. There was only one woman depicted in the portraits around the Hall. Dame Stephanie Shirley. I did a Google and she was very interesting. She set up a tech company employing mostly women with family responsibilities, before it became illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender.

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