Monday morning in Croydon

We had a fairly laid back weekend. On Saturday Stephen went out to get the paper and a few things whilst I did all of our holiday washing. Apart from that we did not go out. On Sunday we went for a walk to Lloyd Park in the late afternoon, knowing that we could catch a tram to get home. We intended to go to Evensong at Croydon Minster, but the tram wasn’t running through the town due to ‘improvement works’ so we just went home. We found a new park, Coombe Park, with a busy cafe where we had afternoon tea. At some stage we will go back and have a walk in the park.

We didn’t feel that it was a long walk, but my iPhone said I had done my 10,000 steps for the day. This morning I had some new stats, 80,500 steps for the week over a distance of 54 kms. That isn’t that much over seven days, especially as part of it was sightseeing in Oxford, but is more than I do at home even on most working days, so there is an increase in fitness due to not having a car.

Magpie, Lloyd Park
Magpie, Lloyd Park
Cafe, Coombe Park
Cafe, Coombe Park

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