Smog not good for photos

In our area we are experiencing an apparently unprecedented smog. Our hosts had left instructions for some local walks and we tried one of them yesterday. It was about an hour and a half of walking, over fields in into a small wood. We really enjoyed it, and were congratulating ourselves on not feeling any jet lag. We had lunch at the local pub, which is run by a couple, one of whom is Australian and the other South African. We had a good discussion about things to do and see locally. We also enjoyed the food, their menu is very varied and interesting for a pub.

The smog did make for dull photos, although we still enjoyed the scenery and flowers and new green of spring. There are bird sounds the whole day, not just morning and evening.

After lunch we did a small shop at the co-op, then home to have a rest. That’s when the jet lag hit. Our friend Eversley still went to yoga at a local church hall as she had planned. I had a headache as well as feeling groggy. Stephen did not appear to be too affected.

It appears that I will need to make the photos smaller for uploading, and will do that a bit later.

View towards London (using Dehaze filter)

This photo is from October, 2015, and used the new dehaze filter from Lightroom. This would obviously have made a difference last year!


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