Christmas Eve

We have spent the day at home. Stephen can find moving around causes pain in his chest area. We speculate that it could be caused by the muscles clenching during the seizure – he may have some bruising. It’s not constant pain.

We took a walk around the block so that he could see the hospital where he was taken initially on Saturday. It is quite small. It’s comforting to have it so close. Our walk probably was 800m to 1km, and he was glad to get home again.

We watched a movie, not very memorable, and the final Episode of Homeland Season 5. The episode resolved a number of issues, but left the way open for more adventures for Carrie.

I cooked a casserole (no slow cooker here), and the meat turned out quite tender as I had hoped.

And that is that.

The featured image was taken last week when we took a drive down to the river and walked along a path. Brandis Nad Labem.


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