Yesterday morning we had a good FaceTime session with Matt in his room. Then quite a good telephone conversation with Mum.

Last night we went to the National Opera Theatre (the previous night was the State Opera Theatre). We felt it was a good idea to see this opera in its authentic place – the Czech Republic. It was a fairly good production, but not top class as we are used to seeing in the Metropolitan Opera films at Luna and Cinema Paradiso. The cast had a rather nice modesty in taking their final bows – don’t ask how I picked it up, but it gave the final moments a nice feel.

National Opera House, Prague

The theatre itself, is, of course, quite beautiful.

National Opera House, interior

We had a meal at a nearby cafe beforehand. Stephen did his best to embarrass me by trying to get out of paying too much. I did order the cheapest meal on the menu! Our waiter was initially confused by his attitude, but Stephen then did his best to be friendly and saved the night from being ruined for me.

We travelled back and forth by taxi as Stephen is still not feeling up to going into the city by public transport. He said that we will stick closer to home for the next few days whilst he is getting his strength back. Still, he seemed to be better last night than when we went to the concert the night before.

The reason we had stools in the back of boxes was because of the theatre being booked out and wanting inexpensive seats. However, now we know how uncomfortable those seats are we will endeavour to get better seats if we go again. I was able to sit on a raised platform at the back, and thanks to having considerate neighbours in the box, still able to see quite well. Being short I need a proper seat, preferably with arms, and nothing is worse than sort of hanging off a seat for hours on end.

National Opera House, seat 4 in the box2


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