Friday – retiring R2D2

The big news of today is that we had a phone call at about 10.00 a.m. to say that the part for our air conditioner had arrived and they had a technician free, would we like him to come out – so we said ‘yes’ very enthusiastically. Today was predicted to be 36 degrees, although the morning was quite bearable with a coolish easterly breeze. R2D2, my nickname for our little evaporative cooler, was retired to the patio at about 11.15 a.m.

R2D2 evaporative cooler retired.jpg
R2D2 evaporative cooler (Rtd)

A consequence of Stephen’s condition was that I had to take the car and drop it off for a service this morning. I tried Bentley Plaza for a device that tells the date and day as well as the time, but couldn’t find anything there. We plan to go to pick up the car together┬átogether (fortunately the RAC service centre is on Albany Highway so we have lots of possibilities of buses to get there and back as needed). Stephen will come with me to pick up the car and help with shopping. I was about to go out, then realised that we have entered the hottest part of the day. We hadn’t quite realised as we spent the afternoon in glorious cool air-conditioning. It seems essential in our climate, just as having heating in winter seems essential in Europe. But, not everyone has it, of course.




Thursday 28th – Cottesloe

We met up with Eversley and David Woodroffe at Beaches Cafe for brunch/coffee. Stephen and I were rather taken with their choice of breakfast, advocado salad with poached eggs. I did my best to recreate it for our evening meal, thus:

Imitation Beaches breakfast for dinner.jpg
There’s a poached egg underneath on top of a slice of sourdough bread

We really enjoyed catching up with them both and rejoicing in our beautiful surroundings at Cottesloe Beach. I went out later to do the shopping, including buying a couple of advocados for the evening meal.

The family appeared to have lost touch with Marnie, so I had sent her a text, sort of bringing her up to speed. She rang back and we talked for awhile. She had rung Mum and felt she was sort of ‘brushed off’, so did not try to contact her again. After our phone call she rang Mum and arranged to visit her this Sunday. Mum rang Robyne and said that she would tell Marnie she has a cold, as a way of accounting for any vagueness. So sad, she really is aware to some extent of what is happening and wants to cover it up if she can.