Saturday – visiting Mum

We discussed having the personal call button. Jamie was there. Mum does not feel she needs it, she says that if she is feeling unwell it is due to the ‘cold’, which she has been talking about for a couple of months now. Still, I enjoyed the visit. We went to Maundering to get some salads and bread. Mum cooked some chops for lunch, which we had with salad and fresh bread. There are enough chops over to last her until I see her Tuesday evening.

On the way home I went to Carousel to look for a device which shows the day and date. I found a little weather station at the Australian Geographic shop which should do it.

Stephen and I had leftovers with salad for tea, then watched the Agatha Raisin pilot episode on ABC iView. Robyne contacted me to say that Mum has rung her again and asked her to go up to see her tomorrow. Of course, Marnie is already going and Jamie and Tracy will probably also visit as Tracy will do the housekeeping. Robyne confirmed today that all four of them were there!

It’s hard to tell what is going on with Mum. Last week when I saw her on Saturday the same thing happened, that after I went home she phoned Robyne and asked her to visit the next day. She phoned her Sunday night as well. Yet, Mum had just seen me and Jamie had called in for a while in the morning as well.

_DSC2426 (1)
Brandys NL in the late afternoon