This morning we got up at the usual time, not early. It was a beautiful morning after a very cold night. We had our gig at 6.15 p.m., last night and it was surprisingly well attended, considering the fact that we were in the open air and it was cold. Afterwards we quickly scattered to go to see other events. Stephen and I had meal, then went to Civic Centre. The first item was a choir for people with disabilities. It was very good, featuring several of the choir members doing solos. Entrancing really.

This was followed by the Men of the West, formerly the Spooky Men of the West, doing their usual things, with great verve. Then we saw the Giovanni Consort performing. We had been to a sort of workshop in the morning giving the background to the type of music they sing, so were particularly appreciative. It was very cold back at our caravan, but our heating works well and we had three donnas on the bed.

We had some time with Annette and Stuart this morning as we were all packing up to leave. Annette offered me a coffee, very welcome as I hadn’t made any myself. We enjoyed finding a bit more about them and their lives. Some links with Annette who has a Victorian background, like myself on my father’s side.

After arriving and checking in here at Middleton Beach Holiday Park we went out with Kim and Eversley, first of all to the Gap, then to the cafe at the Whaling Station. Lots of talk, Eversley and Kim finding links and common ideas, as well as differences. Stephen and I too, of course.

The first photos are from The Gap, then some of Middleton Beach just behind our caravan park, and a mob of kangaroos that we saw on our way back from the Whaling Station to Albany. Apparently the farmers tolerate them grazing on in their fields.

The Gap3 (1 of 1)The Gap6 (1 of 1)The Gap4 (1 of 1)The Gap7 (1 of 1)MiddletonBeach8 (1 of 1)

MiddletonBeach5 (1 of 1)Middleton Beach4 (1 of 1)Middleton Beach3 (1 of 1)Middleton Beach2 (1 of 1)Middleton Beach1 (1 of 1)

Field of Kangaroos (1 of 1)
No long lens, so have gone for the wide angle showing the mob spread out across the field.

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