Travels with the Winnie: Day 18

We had a busy morning, changing all the linen and doing washing, then washing the floors. All done by about 11.30.

We walked to the Botanic Gardens. As it was World Environment Day today the Gardens were thick with groups of school children – covering just about every surface, marching along in lines and being photographed by parents and teachers. They appeared to be having a good time, but we gave up after about half an hour and walked a bit further into the city.

Botanic Gardens (1 of 1)
A place the children hadn’t found

We had a look at Ayers House, belonging to the man that Ayers Rock was named after. He was a prominent businessman. His house started out quite modestly with nine rooms, but gradually expanded over the 40 years he was living there. On his death it went through lots of different purposes, but is now run by the National Trust as a museum.

Ayers House (1 of 1)
Outside Ayers House
Ayers House interior (1 of 1)
A small drawing room
Ayers House interior2 (1 of 1)
A bedroom with very dark furnishing
Ayers House nursery (1 of 1)
The nursery
Ayers House summer sitting room (1 of 1)
This was called the Summer Sitting Room. It was in the basement, for coolness we assume. There was an ‘airwell’ next door which probably helped to keep it feeling fresh

We walked further into the city, had lunch and did some errands, then caught a tram to Glenelg. In the inner city, the tram behaved like a tram, stopping at all stops, but as we left the city behind, it became more like a bus, only stopping when needed. Unlike a bus, it travelled in pretty much a straight line, but still took about half an hour to get to the beach.

Stephen at Glenelg (1 of 1)
Arrival at Glenelg


Glenelg2 (1 of 1)
the beach
Glenelg3 (1 of 1)
Two towers, a pillar and a moon

At this stage we wanted refreshment and found a lovely place with specials on coffee and cake. We paid a little bit extra for Stephen’s chai latte.

Then it was a straight through run on the tram to the Adelaide Railway Station, then catching our bus towards the Paradise Interchange (or bus to Paradise, if you prefer).

Glenelg tram (1 of 1)
Stephen on the tram

We checked the washing, it felt very cold, but appeared quite dry. We are airing it in the van before putting away.


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