We had a lazy start, waking up around 7.30 a.m. and then spending a long time having our first cups of tea and reading our iPads. We have free wifi here at the caravan park. It is slow, but I only notice when I try to upload photos. Everything else works quite well.

It is discount day at the movies today, and as rain was forecast, we thought it was a good day for visiting the Art Gallery and seeing a movie. We enjoyed the Art Gallery, which is housed in a really beautiful old building, with a very good collection of art.

The movie we saw was The Viceroy’s House, set at the time of independence for India. The director was Indian, with very good actors. We found the love story a bit distracting as the history of what happened was very interesting. But, overall we came out feeling that we had been on a journey, which is the feeling one should have after a good movie.

There was an IGA store right behind the Cinema complex, so we picked up some supplies and arrived back at the Winnie by about 5.00 p.m. We were feeling pretty tired.

Yesterday and today I’ve been taking photos in the city, but so far don’t feel I can do justice to it. There are many lovely old buildings in the area where we have been walking and we are finding Adelaide to be a very attractive city. The people walking around seem to be mainly quite young, students from the University perhaps, which helps with the lively atmosphere.

We are booked into this caravan park until Sunday. We will catch up with Stephen’s friend John again on Thursday and he has offered to take us on an excursion, perhaps to the Barrossa Valley. We showed him the Winnie when he dropped us off after dinner last night, so he understood why we might not necessarily want to drive around the city in it. Especially as our washing is hung around the place.

We are also going to catch up with another friend whom we haven’t seen for a few years. She will meet us in town on Wednesday.

Our last day will likely be spent getting in supplies of food and filling up our water containers and fresh water tank ready for heading off on Sunday.

Catching a bus into the City (1 of 1)
Our bus stop. We have free travel on weekends and out of peak periods.
A rather striking sweet shop (1 of 1)
A rather striking sweetshop
Telsa car on display in the Myer complex (1 of 1)
A Telsa car on display in the Meyer complex

Adelaide Arcade (1 of 1)


3 thoughts on “Travels with the Winnie: Day 17

  1. A lovely 25C today with clear skies. I found out how to lower and raise a bath bed this morning and did the lift for one client. My colleague Togara and I hope we start out assessments tomorrow. This week I’m working 7.05 to 15.05 but Wednesday as i have an appointment at RPH at 10.00 to get my left wrist injected with cortisone … wish my bunion could be injected too as it’s getting very sore on the Lino and concrete floors and I do a lot of walking at Gleddon Road, Bull Creek. So I’m doing 1300-2100 instead.

    Caitie’s engagement next weekend and we think we a ready with decorations and food …I’m bringing the tea, coffee and sugar. Caitie and Adrian visited on Saturday to pick up mum dryer and bought lunch 😊 They are very grateful for the dryer too.

    Luv, Robs xx

  2. Hi, I actually have never worked at Gleddon, but the shift times and type of work are familiar😀 We are really sorry to miss the engagement party and hope there are lots of photos. I get quite frequent calls about Mum, mainly about her smoking in inappropriate places. I sort of hand it back to them to manage. My impression is that they are getting fond of her, despite ‘transgressions’ probably because she is really very vulnerable.

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