Shopping and a trip to Hahndorf

The featured photo is of an Aboriginal Fine Art shop in Hahndorf. The beautiful little village in the Adelaide Hills is actually very hard to photograph due to roadside signs  little cohesion in the way things are set out.

We wanted to do some shopping to set ourselves up for travelling north on Saturday. We packed up the Winnie to use as our transport for the day.

yellow lichen on trees (1 of 1)
Packing up the Winnie. Notice the yellow lichen on the trees.

This evening we have quite a few shopping bags on the floor and I am not sure yet where everything will go. We have a meal cooking in the electric pressure cooker already.

It was a steep climb up into the hills, and appeared to even more steep on the way down. Going slowly kept the Winnie in 3rd gear, which acted as a brake. There was a special lane for trucks and buses, but they all decided I was going too slowly and passed us.

By the time we arrived in Hahndorf it was about 1.30 p.m., so well and truly time for lunch. We chose a cafe that had vegan food, but also German sausage meals. The mix of types of food was part of the slightly disorienting style of the place.

where we had lunch. had a wood fire (1 of 1)
Our lunch cafe


German sausages, mash, sauerkraut, mustard gravy and onions (1 of 1)
We shared this meal, it was very good
Stephen in the cafe (1 of 1)
Stephen found a paper to read before lunch


There was a wood fire, very nice, but the whole effect didn’t work. The village caters to tourists and tries to be all things and ends up being nothing in particular.

German panda? (1 of 1)
E.g. this panda outside a craft shop
cafe garden (1 of 1)
Cafe garden, it was cold and started to drizzle later, so we would not have been tempted to sit outside

The little toe that I injured back in Port Augusta is still rather painful. I bought a pair of cheap slipper boots and wore them when we were walking around today. It made quite a difference, no pain, but they got wet in the drizzle.

Still, we felt it was a successful day, with shopping completed and visiting a place we had heard much about and were keen to see.


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