Travels with the Winnie: Day 21

Not a busy day. We went to our local cafe for the first time in the morning.

Trump’s new word

We had lunch in the Winnie for the first time this week, then went to Port Adelaide, a bus and train journey of about 50 minutes.

Red Capped Wanderer and mate


Stephen wanted to visit the Maritime Museum. I just wanted to have a cuppa and wander around with my camera.

Maritime Museum

The town has many interesting buildings, but the overall effect is rather shabby and neglected. Cafes shut at 4.00 p.m., that sort of thing. The man in the museum had recently visited Perth and Fremantle. His view was that they needed a university campus in the town to bring it to life. Certainly Adelaide City benefits from having two university campuses (or campi) – I did check on Google. The city is full of young people wearing backpacks.

Still, Port Adelaide has character and the man said that Port Adelaide is an extremely busy port, very productive indeed.

Deciduous trees with berries attract the birds


Stephen noticed this sign, with the name of the ship, that he and his family travelled on when they came to Australia. The Ranchi.
The museum is one of the old stone buildings, typical of the area
The building on the left is where I had a cuppa
Quite a grand building
old alleyway
The chiming town hall clock

Quite noisy traffic noise in this video.

We came home to an easy meal, reheating some of the food I cooked last night. I did a last load of washing (before we leave Adelaide Caravan Park), processed photos and videos for this blog, and then relaxed. Goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Travels with the Winnie: Day 21

  1. Hiya
    I loved the photo of you two with your happy smiles 😀 Lovely photos. I’m reading all your posts. Off to the engagement party tomorrow for Adrian and Caitie. I’ll see if I can send you some photos of the party via PM on Facebook. Caitie and Adrian will probably want to post photos themselves, so I won’t put any on FB.
    Love you both and please take care.
    Luv, Robs xx

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