Travels with the Winnie: Day 74

Cobar to McCullochs Range Rest Area

We said goodbye to our beautiful overnight spot at around 9.30 a.m. this morning. We went into town to the Tourist Information Centre where we used the dump point and fresh water tap to fill our tank and water container. We also did some shopping at IGA.

sunrise (1 of 1)
Cobar sunrise

We covered about 200 kms today. Stephen has been reluctant to drive since experiencing some dizziness a week ago, but he did some of the driving today. We stopped at a rather nice place to have our lunch. It would have made a good overnight stop, but was only about 60 kms along the road.

lunch RA (1 of 1)
Rest Area where we had lunch

We had a look at a couple of places which on my app looked like places where we could have spent the night. However, this one suited us best. It would be boggy where we are parked if it rained, although we tried to aim for a stony section. We thought we would stay well off the bitumen as this is actually a designated rest area for trucks and we didn’t want to be in the way. Oddly, it actually has a little playground for kids and a covered picnic area. The playground is the first we have seen in a Rest Area.

McCullochs Range Rest Area (1 of 1)
the Winnie in a familiar looking setting at the McCullochs Range Rest Area
McCullochs Range Rest Area view (1 of 1)
the view across the road (using my zoom lens

We still have a couple of meals from the pressure cooker cookup in Cobar, but I felt like having something different, so cooked a frittata with bacon, tomato, mixed frozen veggies, onion, 2 eggs, milk and a little self raising flour, topped with cheese slices. A simple meal which is quite delicious.

It’s a little cold in the van and we can’t use the heater all the time because the diesel heater has a fan that depends on 12v power. However, we will certainly put the heater on for a while when we have our basin washes in the bathroom. Cooking the meal did help with warming the van. We tried to park in the sun when we arrived, but ended up with partial sun because of trying to have a level spot. It can take a bit of moving around to actually be able to get fairly level. We are starting to leave the curtains open as much as possible to soak up all the warmth we can before dark.

I’ve had a couple of calls about work today, and found out that I said I would be available for work again in August. I told the person it would now be September, and will contact the other person who rang to clarify the date of return to work, which I suspect won’t be until the middle of September. I only work at two places, and was offered a shift in each place, which surprised me. I am contemplating stopping work, and only the fact that I don’t expect to be offered very much makes me tempted to stay on the books for casual shifts. Maybe by next month there won’t be much work around.

Time for chocolate.


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  1. I have picked up shifts with HCA, working 3 or 4 8 hour shifts per week. Very cold here last night and this morning going down to 4.6C and I keep warm with a throw rug and ugg boots – puts me off going for a shower ha ha

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