South: Denmark reboot

So, yesterday we decided to stay in Denmark another day, but to move to the Rivermouth caravan park. By evening we were packed in cheek by jowl with caravans and tents. It was warm in the van, we had air conditioning on for a while, then once the van provided some shade we moved out onto our ‘porch’. At that stage the bay next to us was free, so we had plenty of room and a cool breeze.

It was Sunday, so we contacted Matt about 4:14 to have our FaceTime session. We know when he’s had enough because he tries to hit the stop button! He usually needs help, but we know our conversation is a getting bit boring for him, though he likes to see us and is all smiles at first, especially if Stephen puts on his robot persona.

We walked ‘around the bridges’ as our evening walk. I consider it a good test of my fitness. I have found it quite easy, then very hard at different times in the past. Last night was easy.

We are moving on today, planning to do a little shopping at the best supermarket in the West at Mt Barker on our way. We set an alarm for this morning to make sure I was up and ready to order our Fairbridge Festival tickets. All done by 7:30.

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