South: Denmark to Cranbrook

It was an overcast day yesterday, and we were happy to leave Denmark and be on our way. Our first stop was Mt Barker at the IGA to stock up on food and beer.

Apart from the grammar, well, we can’t ignore it, i quite liked the sign.

We then went to check out the famous bakery where we had pies and shared an iced donut. There were so many lovely options it was hard to choose. We also bought some bread.

We then traveled up Albany Highway, which was very busy, and onto the Great Southern Highway, which was quiet. At Cranbrook we took a bit of a break, and ended up deciding to stay for the night.

We had a little sunshine breaking through around sunset, then this incredible red sky after sunset.

These photos are straight from my iPhone, not enhanced by me.

We woke up to gentle rain and left the hatches up for a while. The rain got heavier and heavier, eventually we closed the hatches and windows. We had our cups of tea and washes, then moved the van over to a gravel road, just in case there was any risk of getting bogged where we were. We are now relaxing over breakfast with heavy rain on the roof. Lovely.

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