Out of Home Adventures: Day 27

Saturday 14th April, 2018

The gig on Friday night went well. Eversley realised that it was less about homelessness and more about a music assignment for UWA students. It made it more enjoyable to think about it that way.

This little group of musicians look like students. The different instrumental and choir groups were at separate stations along a route from Hay Street Mall, along Barrack Street, then via Murray Street and down to the staging area at Forrest Place.

There was quite a cold wind and we remained rugged up well whilst we waited.

Pam’s generic protest bag, good for all rallies!

Bernard Carney suggested we go for a drink and a meal afterwards and Rob recommended a little underground pub on the corner of Hay and Barrack Street that was perfect. Eversley, Stephen, myself, Rob and Rita and Mike and Lesley joined the Carney’s.

We had made our way into town by bus, had lunch at a food hall and did some shopping. Whilst we were having afternoon tea at the gallery cafe we met up with Pam, accidentally. Everyone in our little group went home by train, just on different lines. Eversley had bought her car to the station car park and drove us home.

This morning we got up late and had a late checkout. It has been sunny and cool. We did some shopping at Farmer Jacks in Gwelup before coming to Trigg Beach for lunch. We decided to stay for the sunset and had dinner here. As we were about to leave to go back to our safe spot in Victoria Park we were approached by a couple from Queensland. They were planning to free camp in our parking area. We decided to join them, and if we were kicked out, at least we would have company. There is quite a lot of street lighting and CCTV cameras. There are toilets nearby, very basic, but will do for number 2s if necessary. I really like the idea of waking up at the beach tomorrow morning. The waves are quite loud at the moment.

Good fishing here, I guess.

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