Sunday Roasts and a Visit to Chartwell on the Monday ‘bank holiday’

Imagine if this was what you saw from your house? The country home of Churchill and his family includes this view. Continuing our Churchill immersion experience, we caught a couple of buses to visit this old house and gardens.

Yesterday we had a lively Facetime session with Matt. He demonstrated his great reversing switch. Placed under his shoulder on the right hand side, he can operate it with his right arm bent or straight. He was apparently feeling well last night because he ate a full meal and had a big drink of coffee afterwards. The session took place at about 11.45 a.m. our time, but after dinner for him.

We then went out in search of a roast for our lunch. We changed our minds after finding the closest pub closed, and went to the new to us food hall near the station. It was very busy, with most of the food stalls open and some craft stalls on one side. We chose a Thai meal and it was lovely to have spicy food again.

crowded - 1

Thai lunch - 1

Matthew's Yard - 1
After lunch we walked down to Croydon Minster. Our plan was to zoom home on the tram, but I had changed bags and didn’t have my Oyster card, so we walked back. Here we are going through Matthews Yard, where there is a small pub.
The Spreadeagle - 1
Here is the Spreadeagle, with a board advertising roast meals. On another Sunday we will take advantage.

Yesterday was our first long walk, and today we walked even more, trekking around Chartwell. We had to catch two buses, and realised at the change that I didn’t necessarily have enough on my oyster card to get home. We followed directions to a little shop, where we were able to put some money on the cards. Later in the day, we realised that we can use a credit card on the payment point on buses. We still had to wait about 45 minutes for the next bus to Chartwell and had a coffee and withdrew some more cash whilst waiting.

The Chartwell bus runs on weekends and public holidays only. We were worried that it would be very crowded, and it was, but not so much that we couldn’t enjoy the lovely gardens and weather. As you can see, it was sunny and about 25 degrees. Very hot, as far as the English were concerned. We were the only people using umbrellas as sunshades, in fact, a passing child thought it was a very odd sight.

Chartwell is a very nice country house, not too ostentatious (they weren’t wealthy, though quite well off), with wonderful gardens and surrounds. Entry was timed so that there weren’t too many people in the house at a time. We had quite a long wait for our time of 1.40 p.m. We noticed other people having picnics, so went back to the cafe at the entrance and  bought some sandwiches. We sat under one of the large trees to eat and rest.

It was a lovely day in near perfect weather. Yesterday and today there was a storm warning for southern England current, which has probably contributed to the warm weather, but Friday’s dramatic thunderstorms have not returned, in our corner of England anyway.

Chartwell - 1
Chartwell Pastorale
Chartwell back of the house (1 of 1)
rear of the house
Chartwell black swans (1 of 1)
We found this sign quite funny. Where did the black swans come from? Why are they particularly to be avoided?
Chartwell i'm off now (1 of 1)
‘More geese than swans now live’, here at Chartwell anyway.
Chartwell front of the house (1 of 1)
I needed a polarising filter today, the sun was very  bright and a little mistiness made the glare a problem for photos. Plus this front view of the house meant I was shooting into the sun.
Chartwell afternoon tea - 1
We had afternoon tea at the cafe
Chartwell living room (1 of 1)
a living room
Chartwell dining (1 of 1)
the dining room
Chartwell horse's head - 1
There was lots of produce and plants on sale – a way of helping to fund this National Trust site. This snap could have been better, but I couldn’t see the screen of my phone.
Chartwell studio (1 of 1)
This is the studio where Churchill painted. It appears to have been used as a guest cottage and place for the older children to stay when they had holidays from boarding school. The main house isn’t that big. 


Chartwell leaving (1 of 1)
We were able to go in and out of this gate once we had paid our fees and had our little sticky national trust badges. This was our last exit before having afternoon tea and catching the bus home.

I took some photos of the glorious flowers in the gardens.

Chartwell flower (1 of 1)

Chartwell wall flowers (1 of 1)

Stephen at Chartwell (1 of 1)
Another photo with Stephen
Chartwell flag (1 of 1)
the Chartwell Churchill flag
Chartwell flower and buds (1 of 1)
The Churchills loved yellow flowers.

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