The Fox to Farthing Downs

We had a roast for lunch today, just a small amount of chicken, enough for two, with roast vegetables. It was delicious and we felt it would set us up for a long walk in the afternoon.

We set off on our expedition quite late, about 3.30 p.m. The bus was full of blue blazered schoolgirls, very noisy and happy to get out of school. As it was a long bus ride to our destination it wasn’t as peaceful as we would have liked. Plus, the bus was having to contend with a lot of traffic. Close to our destination our bus packed it in altogether and booted us out. We weren’t told, but the next bus was close behind and it didn’t cause much of a delay.

On arrival we had afternoon tea at The Fox, a rather nice pub on the edge of the Coulston Downs. We have walked in this area before and had a rough idea that we could easily walk through to Farthing Downs, then along the high ridge to catch a different bus. It was about 5.00 p.m. when we set out and we caught the bus towards home at about 7.00 p.m. We had one very steep climb and compared it with doing the 9 floors up to our apartment. Doable, but slowly.

So, now, some photos from our walk:

Stephen examining something (1 of 1)
Stephen spends time looking at plants and trees and I take photos. We don’t try to keep pace with each other all of the time, but sort of leap frog as we go.
Fox to Farthing downs (8 of 8)
The Long Grass on Farthing Downs
Fox to Farthing downs (7 of 8)
There were quite a lot of different flowers, I found this one interesting.
Fox to Farthing downs (3 of 8)
Stephen waiting for me to come through the gate.
Fox to Farthing downs (4 of 8)
View from Farthing Downs
Fox to Farthing downs (2 of 8)
Another view down the hill
Fox to Farthing downs (1 of 8)
The buildings mark the beginning of the Farthing Downs section of the walk.
Fox to Farthing downs (5 of 8)
The signpost. I have a photo of this from our last trip to England.
Fox to Farthing downs (6 of 8)
The Shard and other buildings in London were visible in the distance. Although it looks to be getting dark in the photo it was still quite light when we arrived home.

As we were travelling on a different bus on the way home we decided to switch back to the 466 when we could so that we could get off outside of our housing complex. It would have been quicker, but more expensive, to go home by train.

As we were home so late we had a quick and easy meal of scrambled eggs followed by fruit for our evening meal.

Most of the photos were processed using DxO’s Effex Pro. I find the HDR effects not as pleasing as the ones from the IOS app Snapseed. The files blow out to 144mb and I have to import the processed files back into Lightroom, then export them using my normal ‘for the web’ presets, taking them back to no more than 5 mb. It adds to processing time. The featured photo and photo of Stephen bending over were just processed using the Lightroom sliders.


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  1. As usual fantastic photos and content. We really enjoyed kalbarri. It was cool to coldish at night and clear sunny days. We came home in one day – not a good idea – long, tiring and boring. Came back to rain and more rain. Thanks for birthday greetings. Roz has just rung too. We are having tea tog wed and includes cake- me and grandies hope!. Love Ree

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