Perenjori to Pindar

After our usual leisurely breakfast we went into town to get some information on wildflowers. We were tempted again with the promise of wreath flowers close to Pindar and decided that even if we arrive home on Thursday we can get to choir. Pindar is almost 500 kms from home.

At Morowa on the way  we were able to dump the tanks, get fresh water, refuel and do some shopping. All along the route there were patches of everlastings and other flowers. We also enjoyed the rolling landscape of green fields.

everlastings2 (1 of 1)

We made a stop at Canna, a sort of hamlet, with a volunteer run campground for caravans. For a $10 donation you have the use of a campers kitchen, flushing toilets, hot showers and power. I took advantage of 10 amp socket in the campers kitchen to grind more coffee beans. There were a few caravans there, but we wanted to push on to Pindar so that we would finish the day within 10 kms of where we would find wreath flowers.

Canna lunchtime (1 of 1)

canna wildflower walk2 (1 of 1)
we went for a short walk at Canna

Once again Wikicamps has suggested a place to stay. The area is quite large and is near another tiny hamlet, with one house and a lovely old pub that isn’t operating as a pub, but as a cafe that is only open during the day and not every day at that. It won’t be open tomorrow.

This is our first overnight stay that is not in a town.

We took a shortcut to bypass Mullewa on a gravel road for about 34 kms. It was mostly OK, but had some bad patches which made me wonder if things would fall off or be damaged. Our rugs, rubbish bin, a box and a bag of shopping that we had on the floor had moved and everything looked pretty messy when we arrived. A few minutes of sorting was all it took. And we don’t appear to have sustained any damage.

Pindar camping (1 of 1)
selfie with the Winnie at Pindar
Pindar camping2 (1 of 1)
sunset at Pindar

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