Wongan Hills to Perenjori

Our internet is very slow here in Perengori, but we finally feel we have arrived in wildflower country. After entering the Shire of Perenjori we began to notice patches of different coloured wildflowers along the road. We were tired and didn’t actually stop, but will check with the Visitor Centre tomorrow about good places to go.

The Visitor Centre in WH was very useful for dumping our tank and getting fresh water, and even for allowing me to grind some coffee beans in their kitchen, but wasn’t able to help with wildflowers as it is a little early in that area.

We drove to a place called Reynolds Reserve not far from WH and took a walk on the wildflower trail. There were some flowers, but the signs indicated there would be many more in a few weeks time. What we loved in the area were the lakes, which, with the yellow of canola and green of other fields made for wonderful colours in the bright sunlight.

Once again, we are parked up at a recreation centre in town. No hookups.

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