Moora to home base

We woke up to a very cold morning, it was difficult to get out of bed. We used the heater for a while whilst we had showers. We were feeling relaxed about the journey home and didn’t feel we had to hurry to get ready.

The journey home was a bit more challenging once we were on the Great Northern Highway, with quite a lot of traffic, including trucks. New Norcia is now on a bypass and has a good parking area for tourists near the museum. There were new toilets. A young woman in a campervan asked if I would like some of her food as she had to give the van back, we scored some cooking oil, rice and peanut butter. I found a powerpoint and used it to grind some beans.

Due the bypass, we weren’t expecting the service station to be doing well, but it was looking quite smart and the cafe has been renovated. They still offer powered sites for caravans.

Back on the road we looked forward to our stop in Bindoon to visit the bakery.

Bindoon (1 of 1)

Bindoon2 (1 of 1)
We decided on takeaway soup as it was $4.00 cheaper than having it in the cafe. We also bought some bread and a cake to share.

We had another stop at a pleasant rest area where we took a short stroll.

We had another stop at Gingers to refuel, then a short distance away pulled off to have afternoon tea. The rest of the drive went smoothly and we were home by about 4.30 p.m.

We had time to do a little unpacking and have scrambled eggs on toast before going to choir. It was a small gathering, about 10 in total, but somehow it worked better for singing. No viable as we don’t make enough money to pay our choir director for the night however. We need 17 people to break even.

We are still feeling somewhat relaxed from our lovely experience. Stephen did quite a lot of the driving and I’m becoming more comfortable with him at the wheel. This will be very helpful for later trips away.

I’ve done the washing today and we finished unpacking.

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