Perth to Greenbushes

I accidentally posted today’s entry to my old blog, rather than this one. I’ve done a copy and paste to this blog. The setup is a bit wonky.

We were supposed to travel a little further today and spend the night near Big Brook Dam at a national park campsite. However, we had a busy week, with lots of preparation to do this morning. The Winnie was camped on the lawn in front of our units, and as I thought of all trips we would have to take carrying stuff down the van I came up with the idea of using our car as a sort of trolley. We packed up the car with all of the food, clothes, drinking water and other gear and drove down to the end of the driveway close to the Winnie. Stephen handed the stuff to me and I distributed it around temporarily until we had time to pack things away.

I’ve been feeling a little unwell this week with a sort of low grade headache. I didn’t want to drive too far feeling this way. Stephen covered some of the driving as well, of course. We took the freeway and Forest Highway before looping back onto the Southwest Highway. We made a slight detour to have lunch in Dardanup, home of the wonderful German Bakery.

Greenbushes has a couple of free camping areas. We are in the one nearest to the highway, which means we have some noise, but the camping area is quite large and we were able to find a spot that is nearly completely level. There are flushing toilets and a water tap for filling containers, but no other facilities.

There is one other campervan here. Camping is allowed for up to seven days.

We took a walk to a nearby dam to enjoy a sunset over the water.

We were entertained by a flock of red tailed cockatoos.

Stephen saw a red breasted wren as well. Curiously, there were no water birds.

We had a difficult drive down with strong, gusty winds. Having a few stops on the way and sharing the driving helped us to manage.

If we had managed to get to our destination we wouldn’t have had any internet, so we are glad to have 2 bars of 4g to listen to internet radio, surf the web, and write this blog.


September 28, 2018

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