Canberra: Day 25

Arrival and an unexpected bonus 15th April, 2019

We contacted the organisers of the Folk Festival about the possibility of having electrical hookup here, and were told that it wasn’t possible as all places were booked. We drove down from Yass this morning and when we checked in Stephen asked about powered sites. We were told that there were plenty of sites available, but they would be gone by the afternoon. We could choose for ourselves, except in a couple of areas.

We are delighted to report that we have a site with power, water and a drain point for our grey water. Not only that, there is a dump point close by. We are right next to the better toilets and showers, and a laundry. We took advantage of that right a way to do a big load of washing. Geoff will be pleased to see I’m using his method of folding the awning cord.

Where we are camped is probably about a kilometre from the Festival itself. However, we don’t mind getting lots of exercise.

As we got close to the Folk Festival site on our way here we noticed a shiny new tram nosing it’s way along. Great, we thought, we will be able catch the tram instead of the bus to go to the centre of the city. Not so, the service doesn’t start until Saturday, they were just doing test runs. In the meantime the bus stop, which was just outside the front gate has moved to about a kilometre away. Rats! Still, I did say we like getting exercise.

After setting ourselves up here we caught a bus to the centre of the city and walked around visiting familiar places, such as the Workers Club, good for cheap meals.

Eversley discovered this place and we went there for a meal, was it the last time we came to Canberra? We have been four times, the first two times as performers with Working Voices Choir.

We sorted out some bus passes, they teased Stephen by saying he could travel for free being over 70, but we would have to go to a special place to get the pass, and it wasn’t worth it, so he has the same type of concession pass as me. We get to travel for free, except during peak periods, just as we do in Perth. We went in on one service and came back on a different bus, they were much of a muchness in terms of walking distance.

I fancied having an ice cream and after walking around for a while we found a new ice cream cafe with Afghan ice cream, very delicious. We shared a large serving.

I sampled a few flavours, but liked best the Traditional flavour I tried first.

The featured photo was taken at a rest stop on the way here this morning. Our journey was only about 60 kms, but we still needed one short break.

We are on a slight tilt, but a wedge under one wheel makes it not too bad.

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