Day 60 – sadly we’ve been let down

Monday 20th May, 2019

Young Car Mart and Mechanical Repairs promised us that when our fuel tank arrived at their workshop they would work on our van. When Stephen rang about 1:30 pm, he was told that they had another job this morning and although they had the fuel tank they wouldn’t start on our van until they have completed the new job, whenever that is. Stephen rang back because he found it hard to believe that our van, which has been at their workshop for 9 days, would not have priority, especially as we had been given to understand that they would complete the work today.

So, we are feeling pretty grumpy about this and will NOT be giving them a good reference. The other problem is that our insurance company will follow up to ask us if satisfied with the work. If we have any problems and we are several hundred kilometres down the road we won’t be able to have this company fix the problem. Still, I can’t wait to get the van back to IVECO in Perth to check everything out to make sure it has been done well. Not feeling much trust at this stage.

They said it might be ready by about midday tomorrow, but we don’t feel all that optimistic. If we do get the van, the caravan park manager said we can have late checkout from our cabin and we will probably get started in the afternoon, getting some kilometres done by tomorrow night. We like this town but we really do want to move on.

We had lunch at Wilders Bakery Cafe, enjoying the spaciousness and comfort. After lunch we stayed there reading, enjoying moving to some comfortable armchairs.

We walked along the river afterwards, taking the slightly longer way home.