Are we ready for this?

We haven’t been out the last couple of days as we finish off watching the Wimbledon finals and plan for our rail journey in Europe. We have two nights at a hotel in Paris and two nights at an AirBNB in the southern French town of Albi.

Today we booked our Paris museum tickets online, resulting in e-tickets for our entry.

We have only booked our first train trip on the Eurostar to Paris. We hope that after that we can just catch trains, but may sometimes have to book, e.g. for scenic train trips in Switzerland. At this stage we are thinking of roughly three weeks of travel, but will see how we go. If we get tired of this type of travel it may be a shorter time. If we love it and want to go further we have time to do so.

We are not used to having to book accomodation when we travel and being locked in after Paris is a bit of a pain as we might want to stay longer. However, accomodation bookings can be changed without penalty if we give notice. We are just now deciding to stay another night in Paris, so I will see about changing our bookings.

We have done most of our packing and Stephen has been very good about preparing meals the last few days. Here is my house husband at work.

I shall crack on with bookings.

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