Anyone for tennis?

We went shopping in the morning and settled down to watch the women’s final of Wimbledon. We don’t usually drink at lunchtime, but felt the occasion called for a beer. Sadly it was a disappointing match with Serena not up to her best. I hope she is feeling OK now, a few hours later.

At around 4.00 we set off to visit Morden Hall Park to enjoy a walk and afternoon tea.

We travelled for about half an hour on the tram. It was very full, with people drinking alcohol and being a bit noisy. It is Saturday afternoon. The park had more people than we were expecting as well, but it wasn’t crowded and it was nice to see so many people out with their children.

There was a warning sign on this little canal about the water being dangerous. However these children and their dog seem to be having a good time and the water is shallower than I thought.

A pot of tea and a shared slice of jam sponge cake made the journey worthwhile. Stephen checked out the bookcase, but found that the books were for children. The light on his hair gives him a sort of Boris look.

There is a nursery selling plants and Stephen checked out this pretty pavilion. The park is run by the National Trust and there is an interesting shop selling gifts and outdoor chairs, BBQs, etc. of the more decorative and expensive kind.

The old waterwheel and these grinding stones show that there was once a working mill here, plus some old stables that have now been made into a community and arts cemtre and cafe.

There is also this attractive house right near the mill, with a formal rose garden.

Our days are spent eating and thinking about meals and revisiting places we have been before. Of course, we are heading off soon for our rail journey through Europe and it’s good to feel that our present life is just a bit boring and to be anticipating having a much more interesting time once we leave.

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