A visit to our local park

We spent most of yesterday at home as we seemed to be feeling the effects of jet lag. In the late afternoon we visited the local park and enjoyed catching up with the usual things, such as the kiosk (closed, as it was late), and the community garden. The park is called:

We think of it as the water tower park because of the decorative water tower that dominates the scene. We can see it from our apartment:

And this is what it look like from the park:

Stephen looking graceful in front of the shuttered kiosk.

It was peaceful in the community garden even though it’s impossible to get away from the sounds of traffic.

We saw some squirrels as well, but my phone isn’t good for wildlife, the little creatures don’t let you get very close and they move very fast.

We stopped in at the little off licence on the way home where Stephen was given a copy of the paper, rather than having to buy it.

This morning we planned on seeing the movie ‘Rocketman’, but our information about it screening today was wrong. We may go tomorrow. We had some shopping to do in Boots, then had a coffee at a new cafe nearby. I noticed it yesterday and wanted to try it out. The atmosphere and coffee were fine, but it is like many other cafes here in having packaged sandwiches rather than food freshly prepared in their own kitchen.

As Stephen wanted to go to the library we called in there and had soup at Clocktower Cafe. It is rather like a canteen, and has fairly cheap and varied food. Not so much prepackaged.

I realise from the photos that the ceilings of both places are rather similar. However, the Clocktower Cafe is in an atrium and the photo shows it in one of the ‘sunny spells’.

This afternoon was the tennis, with the big match between Federer and Nadal keeping Stephen entertained whilst I was reading.

The weather continues to be quite mild, very cloudy with ‘sunny spells’. No complaints, we are just glad to not have hot weather, yet.

Let’s do a house tour.

The living room of our apartment from the upstairs landing.

Our bedroom, which has the window on one side and a sliding door on the other side. We get a good cross breeze.

The upstairs landing. This makes an excellent drying area for washing.

The upstairs balcony. This can be accessed from the landing and the main bedroom.

There is a second, smaller balcony off the living room downstairs.

The kitchen is spacious and there is an iMac in the corner which Stephen uses. I have my little office set up in the bedroom upstairs.

There are two bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs. This is the downstairs bedroom.

There are two bathrooms upstairs, with full baths. The downstairs bathroom (not shown) has a shower.

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    • And Stephen keeps saying, Eversley might like to do this or that when she comes, you are on our minds.

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