Yesterday we went to Manchester on a ‘study tour’ of local painter, L.S. Lowry. We met with a friend for lunch at The Lowry, then went into a gallery to see his paintings. We were fortunate to be at the right time for an excellent talk on his life and career as an artist.

The movie was in a cinema complex nearby, with comfortable lounge chairs, we girls put our feet up and fought going to sleep, and gorgeous screen and surround sound. Of course, the sound was too loud, but only during the adverts, not during the film.

The film is based on a stage play and set mainly in Lowry’s mother’s bedroom. He was her carer for many years and the plot explores the complexities of the toxic relationship. Mrs Lowry and son.

I suggest that if you want to enjoy the movie it is best to do some research on his paintings and career as the movie only gives a glimpse of his long life. We had thought that we should see the movie first, then do the gallery, but afterwards agreed that we did it the right way round.

We went to a very modern part of the city which looked particularly bleak on a grey day. There is some beautiful architecture in other parts of the city which we saw on our tram rides.

We ordered large coffees at afternoon tea, but were surprised at how very, very large they were. Eversley agreed to having her photo taken with the cup.

All in all, a great day, with lots of time to catch up with our friend.

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  1. Indeed a VERY large cup of coffee, but it made up for the one I forgot to have before I left! And helped get me home in one piece😆

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