York: Day 2 Yorkshire Museum and Art Gallery

Eversley went on a tour with our host in the morning, Stephen and I wandered around, considered going to the Yorvik Museum, but decided it would be something like a Disney experience and went to the Yorkshire Museum instead.

On the way we met up with Shaun, then Eversley, and had lunch.

Stephen did the museum and I went to the art gallery after some rest as I had a headache. The headache cleared, and I enjoyed the rest of the day.

We went back to the house at about 4.30, having had enough. Eversley let us know that she didn’t want to go to Evensong and we felt relieved that this sort of let us off the hook as well.

After a fairly early night for all, we were ready to tackle today.

In the park near the museum there were a number of birds in a display, apparently injured and undergoing rehab. But, as people were allowed to handle them, perhaps they would be too acclimatised to people to go back into the wild. Anyway, it was interesting to see this huge owl closeup. It was as big as a cat.

The photos above are just some of the sights we saw on our wanderings. There are remnants of Roman times, like the bottom part of this tower, and buildings from the different ages. The city wall is still standing, having been repaired over time, and it is possible to walk around much of it.

The river has paths along each side, though they sometimes come to an abrupt ending in restaurants, buildings or repair work.

A view through to York Minster

The central part of the city is small enough to walk around and see many interesting places. Perhaps takes a bit of stamina!

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