Packing up and a little excursion to Heptonstall

We have commenced packing up and at the moment it feels like I have less stuff with me than when we came here. But, I still have things out, it’s probably going to seem quite different by 10ish to,or row when we are picked up by the taxi to take us to the station. We’ve become quite adept at getting around locally by bus, but having three suitcases this time we felt it is justified to get a taxi. The weather is looking pretty wet.

Our outing fulfilled a number of objectives. Stephen was looking for Sylvia Plath’s grace, and found it. He agreed that he probably wanted to do this because he likes the celebrity status rather than as someone who reads her poetry.

Her grave is the little one with flowers.

Eversley wanted to see the Octagonal Methodist Church which is the original place that the Methodists began. Her family has history in this area and it was a family connection that motivated her.

The interior is similar to the Wesley Church in Perth.

I hadn’t brought a raincoat, silly me, so was prepared to wait in the car. In time I got bored and walked out in the light rain. Almost the first thing I noticed was a snug looking little cafe. I had a coffee and when the others found me we had scones with jam and cream. It’s a great favourite because here in England we have clotted cream, rather than the thin, artificial stuff.

Heptonstall is a dear little village of steep, narrow streets, cobblestones and traditional Yorkshire houses. It’s really a part of Hebden Bridge, tucked nicely above and away from the tourist area. The small buses have to cope with driving through this type of village. We have this type of bus coming up to Cragg Vale where we are staying.

On the way home we filled up the tank on our borrowed car and Eversley got a shock at the price as she had offered to pay. The tank was only just under half empty. It was also an opportunity to do a little shopping. I think we all have a thing about grocery stores as it a way of spending money that’s justified. Plus we like supporting the Coop.

We all took photos and I’m including Eversley’s photos of the church and Stephen’s photo of the grave.

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