Coming Home to East Croydon

Stephen's Lincoln Cathedral photo.JPG

Stephen took this photo on his iPhone 8 from the tower at Lincoln Castle, and it is so good that I have included it here. As he was the only one of us to actually tackle the extra stairs up to the tower he was the only one able to enjoy the views.

It was a rainy day again today, but we managed to avoid getting too wet on the journey back to our apartment in East Croydon. Stephen thought we had to do four changes, based on his original booking. Last night it became clear that one change involved walking, dragging our stuff, from one station in a town to the next. There was no other way, except by taxi. But, by taking a slightly earlier train we avoided that silliness and went from Lincoln to the correct station in the next town as the first leg.

We then had a fairly luxurious ride on an inter city train which dropped us on the outskirts of London. Our next train took us through London to East Croydon and we took a taxi to our apartment building. It was all new to Eversley, but she is delighted to have a bedroom on the ground floor.

We had a bit of a storm in the afternoon, just at the time we walked down to the local shop, but the worst was over by the time we finished stocking up on food and other essentials. With three of us to carry it home we didn’t hold back too much on fruit, vegetables and other essential (and treats). The best part is that Stephen has cooked tea.

London before the storm - 1.jpg

This is how the sky looked from the balcony whilst we were resting after our arrival.

It has become quite stormy again, around 8.00 p.m., but we feel fairly snug with the newly installed double glazed windows and curtains with heavy backing to keep out the cold. The forecast for tonight and tomorrow is that it will be quite cold and we don’t have central heating until the engineer comes tomorrow to switch it on.

There were double glazed windows here previously, but they were old, dirty, and had moisture between the layers. All of the windows in this apartment block are being replaced and it was fortunate that ours were installed whilst we were away.