Our train trip yesterday from Cragg Vale to Lincoln was quite an adventure. We finished up being a trio of very soggy Australians. Eversley has written up the trials of our journey and since she has done such a good job I’m linking to her blog for the details.

Today we have been sight seeing. The day started out misty, become sunny, and is now drizzling again. Lincoln has a smallish city centre, thought the Cathedral and Castle are located up a steep hill. Fortunately, we found out about a bus that would take us there. We caught a bus into town, then the one that took us off the hill.

Apart from the renovations, both the Cathedral and the Castle proved good for photography. We were able to walk into the Cathedral and get a feel for the inside without going as far as buying entry tickets.

Alfred Tennyson is one of the famous sons of Lincoln.

We spent quite a lot of time in the shop, with Eversley and Stephen negotiating to buy some little books about the area. I am always looking for little gifts to take home to Matt, and finally found something in the Castle shop that is perfect (a cake of special soap for Mr Perfect).

We found a couple of Snoopy toys in the garden at our AirBnB, Eversley and I plan to take them home to give as gifts. I wonder if Matt will like one.

We had a small lunch (2 for 3) in the Castle cafe, then on to the highlight of the day, a walk around the castle walls.

Entrance to the Castle

There were great views on the way around the wall. The above photo was taken on telephoto looking towards the fields beyond the city.

There are two buildings inside the walls, this smallish looking castle and a Victorian prison building in red brick.

That was followed by cream teas at the same cafe, before parting for a while to take our own journeys to the bus station. Stephen and I went down Steep Hill, Eversley took a more gentle route in respect for her knees.

There are many interesting shops, cafes and even a little hotel in the street. This sweet shop had packages of traditional sweets from different eras. We went into a cheese shop and sampled some of the different tasting cheeses- then didn’t buy any.

Eversley bought a couple of pasties for our evening meal, and we have just a little in leftovers from last night. Stephen has tuned in the news and we will enjoy a quiet evening at home before another marathon train journey tomorrow. Rain is forecast.