Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral, London

We had a bit of drama yesterday as the newly installed replacement window in our bedroom refused to close. We tried taping it with masking tape, but it couldn’t hold against the wind. We’ve contacted the relevant people and hope very much that something is done today. We secured the window as best we could using an ironing board and low cupboard and a chair.

However, it doesn’t work perfectly to prevent rain and wind coming in. Fortunately, we like having a bit of fresh air, but it’s worrying for the owner if woodwork, carpets and curtains are getting wet.

In the late afternoon we caught a train which took us near to St Paul’s. We enjoyed the evensong, though the reverberations were pretty strong, which means the sound is not as clear as it could be. Although we gave a donation it was still a cheaper way to see inside than paying an entrance fee during the day.

Afterwards we found a diner with inexpensive meals. It is the first time we have eaten non-British food since we have been here, but suited our appetites. It was a little early to be really hungry.