Water where it shouldn’t be

This morning I woke up suddenly with the sun in my eyes. It was about 5:30, just after dawn. I got up, took some photos and went back to bed after closing the curtains. I slept until our alarm went off. That is two very good nights sleeps in a row.

We didn’t hurry, just enjoyed having washes and breakfast, listening to the radio on Stephen’s phone. The internet works well enough for that. We found some water leaking in the bathroom, but I just couldn’t work out where it was coming from. Everything seems dry again now we are home. Very puzzling.

We had a few little stops on the way, one for refuelling. Our lunch stop was at Pinjarra at the 24 hr camping. Stephen was phantasy good that we had a couple of weeks to wander around the area, coming back to Pinjarra from time to time. We can only stay for 24 hours at a time.

We arrived here at about 3:30 and I started making cups of tea whilst Stephen went to switch on the hot water system. I heard a noise and when I went to investigate saw that water was pouring out of a bathroom cupboard. The plumber, who arrived in about half an hour said he advises people to not switch off their hot water systems when they go away. If there is any weakness in the system the sudden pressure will make it burst.

Stephen quickly switched off the water at our mains tap and I was able to contain the water using pretty much all of our spare towels. I couldn’t help thinking of when this happened at my sister’s villa. Neither she nor her neighbour were able to turn off the mains water tap which had seized up. She had to sit there waiting for the plumber whilst the water went pretty much through put her house, causing thousands of dollars worth of water damage. It was covered by insurance, but still a bad experience. We felt lucky that we were at home when this happened and we able to so quickly stop the flow.

Energised by this, we have unpacked all of the vulnerable stuff from the Winnie as in food and electronics. There is still a lot to come in, but nothing urgent.

The new bed pad has really helped with our problem of the bottom sheet being difficult to tuck in and having to remake the bed every day or so when we are away. Pinning the sheet to the pad means we don’t have it coming off. The pad itself does slip down the bed a bit overnight, but is easy to put back into place each morning. We also find it very comfortable as we are used to a fairly soft mattress at home.

Stephen has WASO chorus rehearsal tonight, whereas I can relax and basically supervise the washing machine and dryer, getting all of the wet towels done. It will take three loads. Then I will start on our clothes washing. Well, maybe tomorrow.

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