Who sleeps well with highway noise?

The answe is: us. We’ve slept next to busy roads quite a lot when travelling and it doesn’t seem to be a problem for us. Of course, the traffic does die down overnight, but there is likely to still be some road noise. My theory is that because we live in the city we have learned to filter it out.


After a fairly warm day we weren’t sure whether the night would be cool enough to snuggle under a doona, but at around 9.00 p.m. the temperature dropped noticeably. Just as well as I had only brought winter pyjamas with me.

We had a leisurely morning, taking time to enjoy our first cups of tea, then washing, then a slow breakfast.

We went back into Toodyay for coffee and the papers. We stayed at the bakery so long that eventually it was time for lunch and we had a pie and a pasty. Somehow, the cakes weren’t tempting. I think it’s because my appetite changes in the warmer weather, thank goodness.

We found a shady spot next to a park and had a rest before heading off to Clackline. I wanted to have a look at an overnight place that we found on Wikicamps. Unfortunately the way in was a steep, rutted gravel road. Just as well we didn’t rely on being able to stay there overnight. We found a Lions Park, with a lion statue nearby, worth a short stop.

lion - 1

clackline rest area - 1.jpeg

Our last stop of the day was at Lake Leschenaultia. It was still pretty warm and we wanted somewhere cool to stay until it was time to go home. We took the righthand turn after the entrance along a drive with parking spaces. When we got to the end we realised the only way out was to back a long way. Still, it was time for afternoon tea. Stephen got the chairs out and we stayed until after 6.00 p.m. We were completely boxed in soon after we arrived, so just as well we wanted to stay.

boxed in - 1.jpeg

enjoying the peace - 1

the lake - 1

walkway - 1.jpeg

After the cars around us were driven away we were able to back into the nearest bay and turn around. As you can imagine, this is a two person job, with Stephen outside directing me. Not too difficult. We stopped in Childlow to clean the windscreen. A man came over to admire the Winnie and Stephen told him we were selling. Stephen said we had a firm price of $67,000 and the man took his phone number for future reference.

By the time we were heading down the hill it was after sunset. We arrived home when it was quite dark and after a few trips up and down the drive had unpacked most of our stuff. A light meal, some relaxation, and off to bed.

We made the most of having one night away. The Winnie had a good run and we were able to really unwind and enjoy it.