‘None will break ranks, though nations trek from progress…’

This is me feeling pretty depressed after the UK election has been thumpingly won by the conservatives. Despite the Democrats drawing up of the articles of impeachment on Trump there is little hope that he will actually be impeached, since the Republicans, including the ones that were totally scathing about him before he was elected, now appear to stand behind him totally. And we have our own conservative Prime Minister, a religious nutcase, with no apparent capacity to understand science, standing firm against  doing anything about human induced climate change despite the devastating drought and bushfires. He offers ‘thoughts and prayers’ as if they actually help.

Very depressing. The above quote is from Wilfred Owens Strange Meeting

I’ve just watched a video of someone driving in Scotland in a van like our new one, which reminds me of why driving in the UK is so terrifying. Mind you, our mountain roads a really scary as well. We are still waiting to pick up our new  van, Friday next week, and the time in that sense seems to be passing really slowly.

We have been very busy and look forward to having some quiet time after Christmas. Stephen is singing in the Christmas Symphony Concert at Langley Park tomorrow night and some of us are going to the dress rehearsal tonight. Of course, it’s ideal weather for it as it shouldn’t get cold, as it sometimes does after sunset. With more 40 degree days forecast the nights stay warm.

moonrise over buildings (1 of 1)
moonrise from the Crawley Foreshore last night

The light was very pink because of the smoke from a bushfire north of the city. Not too dangerous at this stage, but the strong winds and continuing very hot weather makes all of us nervous, not just those who live in that area.

This is just after the tragedy on White Island in New Zealand. We tourists seem to think we are imune to dangers when we are travelling and take foolish risks – Stephen and I’ve been guilty of it as well sometimes. Of course, the tour company is at fault, but the more they get away with taking tourists to dangerious locations the more they must feel that it’s a minor risk.

moonrise night2 (1 of 1).jpg

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