It hasn’t been too bad for us during the heatwave conditions here in Perth. If we are out during the day it is usually for a fairly short time before getting back into air conditioning. On Friday and Saturday evening we didn’t get to the venue until around 6.30 p.m. when it was a pleasant temperature. I took a jacket both nights, but didn’t need it. Today is part of a ‘cool change’, only 36 degrees maximum, with an afternoon sea breeze. Cooler than 40 plus as it’s been for three days in a row. The forecast was for four days of 40 or over in a row, but the first one only peaked at 39.

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The dress rehearsal (which wasn’t really as the performers wore casual clothes), but was a run through of the concer was much better for listening to the music I found because on Saturday night the people around me hadn’t actually come to listen to the music, just to picnic and socialise. I was looking forward to being able to enjoy the concert, but actually found that Friday night was a better experience though we missed out on some of the pageantry.

On Saturday we had a Christmas Lunch at Matt’s house, starting at 1.30 p.m. I think it was to fit in with staff rosters, with overlap of morning and afternoon shifts, but it worked out well for us as we didn’t have to have an evening meal before heading into town. On both evenings Stephen was sitting behind another choir member, blocking most of his face. We saw him on camera once, but it was too quick for me to get a photo.

They had one camera flying through the air. At first I thought it was a drone, surprising because there are rules about flying over people. However, it became clear that it was on a wire, like a flying fox. The concert is filmed and appears on screens throughout the Langley Park area. We’ve sat quite a long way back from the stage in other years, still able to enjoy the music because of the large speakers and the screens.

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Yesterday we mostly just rested in our cool house, going out for a walk after sunset. We could feel the effects of the sea breeze even though the temperature was still about 30 degrees.

We are planning to step up our morning swims to two per week. First for the week was this morning, and we are feeling very refreshed.

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Santa dropped in, of course.

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The End

On the way home from the concert Saturday night the bus we caught had no air conditioning. We planned to change buses at the Causeway, but fortunately a passenger thought to ask the driver why we were sitting in the heat. We can’t open windows on our buses. It took only a few minutes for the air to become refreshingly cool once it was switched on. Funny sort of driver, but they sit in an enclosed area and he might not have realised that we weren’t getting cool air.


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